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Retrospect support CDRinfo had already tested the ASUS DVD-E616P2 DVD-ROM drive some months ago, and it proved to be a very fast and reliable reader.. Additionally, the Speed Auto Switch function controls the speed of the drive to achieve more reliable readings.

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• DVD-ROM max Data transfer rate: 21640 KB/s (16X) • CD-ROM max Data transfer rate: 7200 KB/s (48X) • Interface: E-IDE/ATAPI • Random Access Time: DVD: 110 ms vs.. CD: 100 ms typical • Data Buffer: 2 MB • Application Formats: Capable of reading most of the DVD-ROM/R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-Video, CD-ROM/R/RW discs and DVD-RAM discs.

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AsusSeagate Ntfs Driver For Mac- Features The E616A has the same features as the E616P2, but Random Access times are reduced, the Data Buffer size is increased and of course, DVD-RAM media is now supported. Super Smash Bros Rumble Download 4.5

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View full ASUS DVD E616A specs on CNET Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, Microsoft Windows XP.

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Now has ASUS pushed the limit even further Their latest DVD-E616A reader promises even better compatibility, being able to read DVD-RAM discs.. Asus Dvd E616a Driver For Mac• High-Speed Digital Audio Extraction • Unique Dust Resistant Design • Supports Speed Auto-Switch Function • DDSSII – Double Dynamic Suspension System.. I want to replace both Asus dvd-e616a Inc Download Size: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Adus email asus dvd-e616a will not be published.. Attention should be given to the Double Dynamic Suspension System and the Airflow Field Modification, features that are present in all QuieTrack series drives.. Products may not be available in all markets Sir there no specific driver for DVD drive?May i ask you what seems to be the problem you are facing? Customer: this drive in installed in a DTS theater Digital Sound system and one of the 2 drives is not working.. The ASUS DVD-E616A provides cutting-edge multimedia experience with superior playback capacities and high-speed data transfer.. Superior Stability with Low Vibration Reduced vibration on traverse & drive case; resonance frequency control; reduced vibration noise; enhanced readability & playability • AFFM (Airflow Field Modification) AFFM is designed to change the uneven airflow field inside the drive because even pressure distribution leads to quieter and more stable operation. 518b7cbc7d